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Daniel Bolshoy


“Bolshoy, though he possesses a technique of the highest order, is a musician first. People who don't know the guitar well probably don't guess at the grueling difficulties that much of his repertoire presents... When he plays, one hears music, not technique, and you can't say that about many guitarists.

His rendition of Tarrega's Fantasia sobre motivos de La Traviata was a special delight, and his arrangement of the Granados Valses poéticos, op. 10 was full of charm and whimsy.”

– The Ottawa Citizen

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– The Quill.ca

“A rising star...”

“The Rodrigo work gave Bolshoy a chance to show his impressively clean technique. Even more impressive was [his] sustained melodic tremolo in the Mangoré work.”

– The Halifax Herald

“Throughout all this, Bolshoy ably demonstrated an accomplished intelligence and technical skill, and among the best happenings of the night were his solo offerings.”   Full article >>>

– The Toronto Star

Skill, talent of young musicians bodes well for future of classics   Full article >>>

– The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Bolshoy performed [the Rodrigo concerto] with passion and sensitivity. His amazing technique produced fluid runs, beautiful broken chords supporting the lovely melodies[...] the second movement was lovingly played, and the rhythmical third movement powerful, bringing the audience to its feet.”   Full article >>>

– The Peterborough Examiner

McGillcuddy's Rant ***½   Full article >>>

– Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen

“Bolshoy is a mega hit …(he) made a remarkable picture as he sat in the spotlight and coaxed utter magic from his guitar”

– Port Hope Evening Guide

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– The Morrisburg Leader

“Bolshoy has a charismatic stage presence, and his humorous introductions created a friendly atmosphere”

– The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Bolshoy has the wonderful ability to make his guitar sing like a human voice. He is a very natural player, making the most technical of passages seem simple.”   Full article >>>

– Winnipeg Free Press

Performance Stirs Emotions   Full article >>>

– Merritt Herald

“The genial Bolshoy — an Israeli-Canadian of Russian extraction — introduces his pieces with a casual demeanour. He blends humour with history, cutting through the usual formality of symphonic tradition to help audiences better appreciate the music[…] Careful attention to acoustical balance and amplification evidently paid off.

Every note was resonant and defined as Bolshoy’s hands massaged his guitar strings. He immerses himself in the music, physically projecting the depth of its emotion with reverie while his virtuosity flows as though it were an instinctive force.

Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, perhaps the best known piece in the concert, was also a highlight of the evening. Bolshoy’s solo during the second movement, Adagio, was filled with a pathos spoken through the universal language of guitar.

Received a standing ovation, the soloist returned to perform two encore selections, ending with a jazzy waltz by Brazilian guitarist/composer Sergio Assad, and a friendly farewell wave from the edge of the stage.”   Full article >>>

– The Daily News, Kamloops

Sizzlin' Start to Summer   Full article >>>

– Calgary Herald

“It is, of course, a cliché to say it, but Daniel Bolshoy, the virtuoso who presented a solo concert in Morrisburg on March 15, 2008, displayed such extraordinary skill on his guitar, that he really did make it appear easy.

However, the large audience in attendance at the Operating Engineers Institute was very aware, right from the artist’s opening selection, that they were listening to a master musician[…]

Throughout his program, the classical guitarist was simply outstanding[…]

During an evening of wide-ranging works, Bolshoy also shared stories and anecdotes with the audience that gave insight into the composers featured in his program and their music[…]

Following a well-deserved standing ovation and encore at the end of the evening, Bolshoy was presented with a framed certificate by the board of the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage Performances.”
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– The Morrisburg Leader

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– The Examiner

España - Rating ****
Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano - Daniel Bolshoy, guitar

“Now here's a CD that Ottawa retailers will have no trouble moving. Julie Nesrallah is undoubtedly the favourite young mezzo-soprano of area music lovers, and her partner is an esteemed guitarist who performs here often, and to enthusiastic audiences.

Most people like Spanish music, and this duo has a track record of colourful, passionate renditions of the stuff, beautifully sung and played. The CD is no disappointment.

One of the nicest offerings is Joaquin Rodrigo's Adela. Tender and melodic, Nesrallah sings it with great charm and Bolshoy's accompaniment is a model of sensitivity.

The only offering most people are likely to have heard is de Falla's Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas, and it's safe to say that few will have heard it done this well.

Bolshoy is on his own for a lovely set of 12 Valses Poeticos by Granados, which he executes with a sense of familiar style.”

– Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen

“Daniel Bolshoy's innate musicality and technical mastery makes for compelling listening.”

– Jill Laforty, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“...interprétation très intense et expressive. Bravo !”

– Jacques Hétu, Composer (about Daniel's interpretation of his Suite Op. 41)

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– Merrit Herald

“As composer-in-residence for Debut Atlantic, I was commissioned to write a work for Daniel Bolshoy's Atlantic tour in the fall of 2002, and found the experience enriching and rewarding. Daniel is a wonderful musician, but also a terrific advocate for his instrument. He has been extremely informative in discussing technical issues related to composing for the guitar, and keen to explore ways of presenting the composer's ideas within the instrument's idiom. A strong and lyrical performer, Daniel ensured that the work I wrote for him, 'One Crow Sorrow', was well received by every audience for whom he played.”

– Alasdair MacLean, Composer

“Concert presenters and guitar lovers in general must take note of the emerging figure of this exciting and expressive young guitar virtuoso.

...with his brilliant technique and passionate temperament promises to become a major figure of the international guitar scene .”

– Ricardo Iznaola, Classical Guitarist

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– Classical Guitar Magazine

“Daniel Bolshoy is one of the most exciting young musicians to come out of the Ottawa area in recent years!”

– Ottawa Chamber Music Society

“The flair of a natural artist, charming the audience with his delightful dynamics, impressive technique and engaging stage presence. His concert was one of the finest we have presented in recent memory.”

– Glenn Sawich, Artistic Director, Patrons of Wisdom, Toronto

Daniel Bolshoy Performs   Full article >>>

– The Iroquois Chieftain

“Young guitarist Daniel Bolshoy ... as always was a joy to hear...

His program featured a mix of standard guitar repertoire and some newer pieces, including Due Canzoni Lidie by Nuccio D'Angelo, a lesser- known but very talented composer. Interesting was the inclusion of Eduardo Sainz de la Maza's Platero y Yo. This lengthy work is in several small movements derived from an award winning poem of the same title by Juan Ramon Jimenez.

Bolshoy's performance featured the technical flair and thoughtful interpretations that we have come to expect from him.”

– The Halifax Guitar Society Newsletter

Classical Guitarist Bolshoy Welcome Annual Visitor
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– Winnipeg Free Press

“Bolshoy’s superb musical abilities, talents and training were all in evidence in this performance. Particular mention was made of the engaging instructive and informative introductions that he provided for each piece.”

– Antigonish NS, Performing Arts Series

Daniel Bolshoy: un musicien en or entièrement consacré à son art   Full article >>>

– L'acadie nouvelle

“...[Julian]Armour was happy to see a near-capacity crowd of more than 300 waiting to hear young Ottawa guitarist Daniel Bolshoy, who has won national and international prizes in the past few years.

The audience sat in focused silence as Bolshoy played with beautiful subtlety, drawing listeners in to his every note...

...an outstanding guitarist.”

– Performing Arts in Canada

Daniel Bolshoy: la guitare classique comme un lieu d'intimité   Full article >>>

– L'acadie nouvelle

“This young player's boyish good looks and charming audience communication go along with major talent. That he had won first prizes in the Canadian Music Competition, among others, was no surprise as he bent into Giulio Regondi's Reverie, which calls for, and got, very nimble fingers and fine control. The arrangement of Bach's Flute sonata in e presents devilish difficulties, which were well surmounted... A triumphant, scintillating account of Carlos Domeniconi's 'Koyunbaba' Suite closed the first half.

The second half presented three extremely demanding modern pieces, by Kleynjans, Iznaola, and Dyens.

... Bolshoy has terrific technique, and ...his concert was plenty impressive enough to suggest that he is one of the major talents in Canada. We'll look forward to more from this very gifted young artist.”

– Jan Narveson, Gazette, University of Waterloo

Daniel Bolshoy... une découverte!   Full article >>>

– Le reflet, Ville Marie, QC

Daniel Bolshoy is a most engaging young guitarist. He's a terrific player, an engaging performer, with matinee idol good looks. He also loves to introduce his music from the stage, which is becoming increasingly important in developing new audiences for classical music. He's the whole passionate package.”

– Eric Friesen, CBC

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– Swiat Gitary (Polish)