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Daniel Bolshoy


People often want to know a little more about the guitars Daniel plays, and so this page is devoted to Daniel's instruments, and the great luthiers who have built them for him (Daniel has several guitars for sale, if you'd like more information, please contact Daniel directly).

Guitar 1: Martin Blackwell Double-top (Spruce/Cedar)

Daniel currently plays a 2010 Blackwell double-top, into which he has installed the Stephan Schlemper amplification system (http://www.schlemper-guitars.de/en/). This combination of Martin's wonderful instrument supported by the subtle and powerful amplification system has proven very successful in concerti and chamber music concerts.

Martin has been a friend and someone who's progress Daniel has been following with great interest, and he is delighted to be playing these guitars. Blackwell instruments combine the powerful sound of a double-top with the comfort of the raised fingerboard, but the internal structure is much more similar to traditional guitar building, and as a result, the quality of tone is very much in the Spanish tradition. Lovely singing trebles and powerful bases with an incredibly well balanced string separation and nice sustain.

For more information on this luthier visit: www.blackwellguitars.com

And also watch the youtube video at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c5Gc2RTnWE


Guitar 2: 2008 Boguslaw Teryks

Daniel currently performs on a 2008 Boguslaw Teryks guitar. This is a double-top (cedar) instrument with a scale length of 660 mm. This is an extremely "big" sounding guitar, with rich basses and great sustaining trebles. This guitar easily fills the most challenging halls, and is great for performing chamber music. Usually there is no need for amplification, thanks to this instrument's great prejection. This guitar is a beautiful work of art, as pleasing to look at as it is to listen to. (Photo Credit - Lozon Photography, Toronto)

For more information on this luthier, visit: www.teryks.com


Guitar 3: Eric Sahlin (Spokane, WA, USA, 2002) Cedar, 650 Scale

Daniel used this guitar for 6 years from 2002-2008, this guitar was built for him as a prize for winning the Stevens' Competition in Tucson, Arizona in 2001. Daniel has used this guitar in many concerts, competitions, live broadcasts as well as recorded three CDs using this fine instrument. This guitar is extremely comfortable to play, and it has a surprisingly good projection (although it is not as loud as a double-top) and beautiful tone. Eric Sahlin's attention to detail and his extremely fine craftsmanship make this guitar a perfect jewel. Daniel loves Eric Sahlin's guitars and is currently on the luthier's waiting list for another instrument...