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Daniel Bolshoy

Bio (cont’d.)

Daniel Bolshoy, one of Canada’s most successful concert artists, has toured every province and territory in the country and has performed in its most prestigious concert series and venues. His recordings and live recitals are frequently broadcast on CBC radio and Bravo TV, as well as many other radio television stations internationally.

Daniel was born in Moscow, Russia, and grew up in Israel, where he studied at the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem. He discovered his passion for the classical guitar while studying science and soon dedicated himself to the pursuit of classical music on the guitar, his first guitar teacher was Gregory Nisnevich in Jeruslaem.

Daniel and his family arrived in Ottawa, in 1993, where he graduated from Canterbury Arts High School (making him the first guitarist to do so). Daniel started his University studies at the Carleton University (Ottawa) under the supervision of guitarist Garry Elliott, and continued at the University of Toronto, with Eli Kassner and Norbert Kraft.

After hearing virtuoso guitarist and composer Ricardo Izanola, Daniel decided to continue his studies with the Cuban-American Maestro, at the University of Denver, where he completed his Undergraduate degree and later received a Master of Music degree in 2001. Daniel considers Ricardo to be his primary mentor and continues to admire this great guitarist, composer and pedagogue. While in Denver, Daniel won several university awards, including a full-tuition scholarship, several “recital of distinction” prizes, as well as being selected to be Mr. Iznaola’s teaching assistant and graduating “Magna cum Laude”. He also won several international competitions, and won prizes in many others.

Upon graduation, Daniel Bolshoy moved to Tucson, Arizona, for one year, to work as a teaching assistant to Professor Tom Patterson, and to begin a DMA program at the University of Arizona. In his time there, Daniel won several competitions, and was awarded a hand-made guitar by Eric Sahlin.

Between 2002-2006 Daniel Bolshoy continued his DMA studies at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, with Ernesto Bitetti. He worked as a associate instructor at IU, teaching courses in Guitar History and literature, Guitar Pedagogy, as well as class guitar, chamber music ensembles and taught undergraduate performance majors.

Currently, Daniel Bolshoy teaches at Concordia University in Montreal, where he teaches select guitar majors who are interested in pursuing a performance or teaching career. Daniel tours extensively, having performed with numerous orchestras, chamber ensembles and internationally renowned soloists. When not on tour, Daniel lives in Montreal; he speaks Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, French and English.

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